Unlike other personal training programs, Faith, Family & Fitness, LLC offers more than just physical endurance training, monthly weigh-ins, and calorie counting. We have uniquely designed our group programs to address nutritional needs, physical strengthening, and a spiritual awakening that will empower women to fulfill the plans and dreams that God has placed in their hearts. The small group dynamic is essential in developing accountability partners, encouraging one another, and producing life transformation that will stand the test of time. Each program will be a three month commitment where our clients will either advance to the next level of training or finish the program, achieving the final desired outcome.

Our Program

What You Get

3-hours of weekly physical training

1-hour a week of nutritional education

1-hour a week of biblical teaching centered on discovering the Truth of who we are in Christ

Food and exercise weekly tracking, adjustments based on findings to maximize measurable goal successes

Initial assessment, mid-cycle progress, and end of cycle outcomes

Approximately 7 hours a week of dedicated personal training, at a fraction of typical personal training costs, will not only help women achieve success but do it without financial stress.

Programs for Women 19 Years old and up


The overcomer program is a 3- month program that meets the beginner right where she's at--physically, spiritually, and nutritionally. The overcomer's goals during this time are to:


Build endurance through basic/fundamental training

Learn strategies of building new eating habits (one meal at a time)

Self-discovery of who she is created to be in Christ Jesus


Women In Total Transformation (WITT)

Women in Total Transformation is a 3-month intermediate program for women who have successfully completed the beginner program and/or are ready to intensify training time. Goals for this program:


Strengthen and continue to grow endurance

Advance basic nutritional skills, track macros

Compare culture to biblical truths



The 3-month revolutionary program is for advanced and already basically fit individuals that have either advanced from our intermediate program or are ready to take their level of fitness and spiritual maturity to a deeper level.  The goals for our revolutionary program:


Physical agility (including the ability to create her own workouts)

Advanced nutritional needs (macro/micro counting), creating 5-7 day diet plans

Answering the call of God

Programs for Women 12-18 Years old


Our Cherished program is tailored for the 12-18 year old young lady who is just learning about who she is in Christ.  A safe place to empower this generation of women, Cherished will not only help them with foundational principles of physical fitness and fun ways to meet nutritional needs but to embrace who God created them to be, have confidence in who they are, and empower them to stand firm in their convictions. Training for this group will include:


2 hours a week of physical fitness

2 hour small group session weekly:

  • 30 minutes of nutrition

  • 60 minutes of group discussion/training (with activities)

  • 30 minutes of friendship/fellowship with members of the group

 For with God nothing will be impossible--Luke 1:37