Fall schedule coming soon!

The Summer Session is underway! If you're interested, please visit our contact page.  Fall session planning underway with more information coming soon!

"I attended Sherry's WITT  program. I will not say it was easy but she was very supportive, informative and pushed me through some mental barriers that needed to be broken down in order for me to succeed. She truly has a heart for seeing people push past their obstacles whether they are mental or physical"


"I joined Sherry’s WITT program after I had my third baby and it was exactly what I needed! As someone who had grown comfortable in my exercise routine, Sherry’s program pushed my body to the next level! Not only did I have great results, but I also had more energy. Sherry’s routines were full of variety to change things up and she gently pushed all the participants to go beyond our comfort zones. Of course, that’s when change happens! In addition to the amazing workouts, I was also challenged spiritually as she incorporated the spirit, soul and body so beautifully! Five stars and highly recommended!"


"My 12 year old daughter joined Sherry’s life-changing group for girls this past summer. Sherry poured her heart and soul into each meeting and it was so evident that she loved and prayed for each one. With each Bible study, book study, journaling or art activity, she poured truth into these girls and equipped them to stand up for what they believe and identify truth from lies. These important messages need to be heard!"